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Cyber Liability Insurance will protect your business against data losses caused by cyber-attacks, viruses, and lawsuits against your company. Hackers are constantly targeting new businesses as well as improving their methods to breakthrough cyberdefenses. Every year there are huge data breaches. One of the most recent and significant was the cyberattack on the Equifax credit reporting agency. Nearly half the U.S. populations personal information was stolen, such as Social Security numbers, birth dates and other private data.


It's important to note that cyber liability insurance doesn't only apply to professions such as IT consultants or software developers. One of the key features of cyber liability insurance is that it covers data breaches involving sensitive customer information. If you have client information stored electronically, cyber liability insurance is strongly recommended.

Even if you're very careful with the computer or device on which the data is stored, it's important to check to see if cyber liability coverage is something you need. The reality is that with sufficient time and motivation, any system is hack-able. Furthermore, the fact that you have sensitive data stored on your system makes it a more likely target for criminal hackers looking for opportunities to commit identity theft.

Who needs Cyber Liability Insurance?


Any organization that uses electronics on a daily basis for any of the following reasons:

  • Storing clients/employees personal information 
  • Sending emails with sensitive information
  • Has a company has website/social media

  • Stores confidential business information:
  1. Passwords and Usernames
  2. Online Banking
  3. Credit Cards


What does Cyber Liaiblity Insurance Cover?


  • Corruption or loss of relevant data through network security breach, including a virus or hacker
  • Losses arising from the suspension of your IT network caused by a security failure leading to a computer attack
  • Lawsuits due to a data breach
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Crisis Management

It is important to for most businesses to get Cyber Liability Insurance, because your average Commercial General Liability Insurance excludes data and electronic damage or loss. Data is not tangable therefore any damage/loss will not be covered under a CGL policy.


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